Guide To Buying Doxy Massagers Australia

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Guide To Buying Doxy Massagers Australia

Your Guide To Buying Doxy Massagers Australia Wide Online.

If you’re searching for an extremely powerful massage wand to soothe tired or tight muscles all over the body at the end of the day, that can be left out and used by both men and women, or if your female and want to experience the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever had, even multiple orgasms and those cheap battery or USB rechargeable wand options just don’t meet your expectations, take a look at the range of wands manufactured by English company Doxy.

All Doxy Massagers are amongst the world’s most powerful plug in massage wands, with push button variable speed control ranging from a rumbling 3,000rpm to an amazing 9,000rpm and operate at approximately 20 Watts.

Wand Warehouse offer the complete range of Doxy Massagers Australia wide, for sale online at discounted RRP prices.
When assessing what could be considered amongst the best massage wands in the world, this range would stand above the competition for power, quality workmanship and ease of use.
Yes they’re some of the more expensive plug in wands for sale, but if you’re after the best, you expect it will cost more.
The other point to note is that these wands are not the most discreet on the market, so if you’re going to be using the wand to relieve some pent up frustration, you’ll also need to use a gag to muffle your screams when you orgasm.

Features of All Doxy Massagers Australia Wide Include:

  • Powerful body massager to stimulate, relax muscles and relieve aches and pains
  • Variable speed from approx. 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm.
  • 3m (10 foot) long cord with Australia mains plug
  • 3 easy to use control buttons, power, speed up and speed down
  • Head attachments available (Note: different attachments suit different wands)

Doxy Massager Wands (White, Pink, Purple)

Doxy Massager is made from ABS plastic. The soft head covering is made from a hypoallergenic non-porous PVC that is free from latex and is also phthalates free. The head has a 19cm circumference and allows several head attachments like the Pink Dot and G Spot Massager Head Attachment to slide over it for more erogenous play.

Doxy Die Cast Massager (Red, Black)

Doxy Die Cast is manufactured using cast Aluminium and Titanium alloy and is 34cm (13 inches) long including the head. It’s heavier than the Doxy Massager and has LED lit buttons. The silicone head does not come off, but there are many wand accessories that are readily available to transform your wand to accommodate more erogenous play and areas.

Doxy Number 3 Massager (Red)

Doxy Number 3 Massager wand is also made from cast Aluminium and Titanium alloy with a total length of 28cm (11 inches) and also has LED lit buttons. Nexus has produced a range of head attachments that are as unique as the wand itself. Instead of sliding attachments over the wand’s head, you simply unscrew the silicone head and screw on your attachment (sold separately).
Wand Warehouse stocks the Doxy Number 3 Rabbit & Clitoral Head Attachments.

Available Doxy Massagers Australia Wide

Doxy Massage Wand Accessories

For your health, to avoid chaffing and to keep your wand’s head lasting for years, always use quality water based massage oils, especially if you’re using your Doxy Massager at full speed or for long periods of time.
When used on erogenous zones, use water based lubricants.
After you’re finished, with the wand unplugged from mains power, wash the head of the wand with mild soapy warm water, air or towel dry, then spray with purpose made antibacterial toy cleaners before storing away in a dry dark place.

Suggested Massage Oils, Wand Cleaners & Personal Lubricants

Note: When using head attachments on the Doxy Massager and Doxy Die Cast, apply a small amount of water based lubricant to the wand’s head before sliding on the attachment. This will make taking it off again so much easier and avoid damaging the head’s covering.
The Doxy wand’s head coverings have not been designed to come off.

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