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Plug In Massagers

A plug in massager has a lead that needs to be plugged into mains power for it to operate, hence they are also referred to as mains powered massage wands. Engineered for strong and continuous massage therapy, handheld electric massagers don't lose power over time.
When it comes to handheld massage wands, those that connect to Australia mains power generally provide the most powerful vibrations. If you desire the strongest massage possible, and you don't mind your movement being restricted to the length of the power cord, then plug in massagers or mains powered wands are a fantastic investment.

The world's most powerful mains powered massage wands are Doxy Massagers that have push button variable speed or power control from a rumbling 3,000rpm to 9,000rpm at full strength. The Doxy Massager range consists of 3 types to choose from, all delivering the same power, some are die cast aluminium and titanium and come with different head sizes, weights and lengths.
Doxy massage wands also support a range of wand accessories and head attachments, with the Doxy Number 3 range having a unique screw on and off head system.

It is also important to remember that handheld electric massagers should never be used in or around water.

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