Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash (295mL)


Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash (295mL)

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Stay safe and prolong the life of your favourite massage wand with this Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner.
Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash can be safely used on all silicone hand held massagers, designed to come into contact with your most sensitive and intimate bits.

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Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner (295mL Bottle).

The importance of hygiene has been front and centre in the news recently and when you consider where your wands go, for your overall health, cleaning your massage wands with a quality anti bacterial toy cleaner makes good sense! This Foaming Toy Wash has been specially manufactured for use on all your Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman massagers. Use this gentle cleansing foam, ideal for all silicone hand held massagers before and after each play-time session to help keep you safe and to prolong the life of your favourite wand.

Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash uses an anti bacterial alcohol-free formula to thoroughly clean your wand, offering reliable protection against a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The foam is gentle on materials, especially silicone and makes cleaning your massage wands quick and easy.

Features of Satisfyer’s Women Foaming Toy Wash include:

  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Gentle disinfection
  • Perfect for all Satisfyer wands
  • Care & cleansing without spotting
  • Protection from bacteria & viruses

After use and before storing away in a dry place, simply clean your wand with warm soapy water. Squirt a little Satisfyer Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner into your palm and lather your massager thoroughly. Rinse with warm water and allow to air dry, or you can use a towel.
It’s also good practice before playing with your wands to clean them with the foaming wash.

As with all silicone products, only use quality water based personal lubricants, never use silicone lubes with silicone products.
Satisfyer Woman Gentle Light Lubricant, also available for sale from Wand Warehouse online, is the ideal choice for long lasting lubrication and companion to Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash.

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