Le Wand Petite Texture Covers (Violet)


Le Wand Petite Texture Covers (Violet)

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Give your Le Wand Petite Massager an upgrade with this 2-pack of Silicone Texture Covers! With Droplet & Spiral textured sleeves that easily slip over the top of your Le Wand Petite, you can experience a whole new range of sensations from your favourite body massage wand.

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Le Wand Petite Droplet & Spiral Silicone Texture Covers 2-Pack (Violet).

Meet the new & improved Le Wand Petite Texture Covers for the petite sized rechargeable Le Wand Massagers in a convenient and cost effective 2-pack.
Made from pure 100% body-safe silicone, the Silicone Texture Covers are designed to provide varied sensations that are perfect for achieving the most sensual massage experience and when used on your intimate bits, an extremely satisfying and intense orgasm.

Our latest multi-pack features a Droplet and Spiral texture cover that slips easily over the top of your petite massager.
Use these specially designed sex toy accessories to stimulate erogenous body parts or purely to protect your favourite massager’s head.

Both Petite Texture Covers are non-porous and reusable for future play.

Features Of Le Wand Petite Droplet & Spiral Silicone Texture Covers (Violet) Include:

  • Length: 6cm
  • Width: 5cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Phthalates Free
  • Le Wand Texture Covers 2-Pack Includes: 1 Droplet Cover, 1 Spiral Cover

We highly recommend using a premium water based lubricant or massage oil when using these Texture Covers and not directly on your skin.

After each use, remove your silicone cover and wash it with warm, mild soapy water, then apply one of the premium anti bacterial toy cleaners you’ll also find for sale from Wand Warehouse online. Once clean, leave it to air dry (PlayTray is great for this) or dry with a towel before storing in a dry place ready for the next time you’d like to relieve some stress or have an itch you’d like to satisfy. Before using your Le Wand Petite Texture Covers apply your anti-bacterial toy cleaner before applying your water based personal lubricant or favourite massage oil.

These Silicone Texture Covers are compatible with the petite rechargeable Le Wand Massagers only, not the larger original models that have their own 2-pack texture covers available for sale.

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