Doxy Massagers, Doxy Die Cast & Doxy Number 3 Plug In Massage Wands.

Doxy Massagers | Doxy Die Cast | Doxy Number 3

If you’re after a powerful wand capable of deep tissue massage to soothe your tired or tight muscles at the end of the day and not a fan of those cheap battery or USB rechargeable wand options that don’t last, or you simply want the best, take a look at the range of wands manufactured by English company Doxy.
All models are amongst the most powerful plug in massage wands, with push button variable speed control ranging from 3000rpm to an amazingly strong 9000rpm and operate at approximately 20 Watts.
There are 3 types to choose from.

Doxy Massagers is where it all started, the goal was to create a luxury, powerful handheld massage wand that out performed the Magic Wand from China. Made from ABS plastic, the world’s most powerful plug-in wand was manufactured. Easy to use, the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons control the desired speed, with the middle button turning the power on or off.
The powerful vibrations allow for deep tissue massage all over the body and comes in white, purple and pink. The Pink Dot head attachment can be slid over the wand’s head for a more relaxing, sensual massage experience, especially with massage oil and for women to release sexual tension, the G Spot Massager Wand Head Attachment will help women experience the most intense orgasms, with many women experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time.

Doxy Die Cast is manufactured using cast Aluminium and Titanium alloy and is 34cm (13 inches) long including the head. It’s heavier than the Doxy Massager and has LED lit buttons. The silicone head does not come off, but many massage wand accessories are readily available to transform your Die Cast Doxy Massagers to accommodate more erogenous play and areas.

Doxy Number 3 is also made from cast Aluminium and Titanium alloy with a total length of 28cm (11 inches) and also has LED lit buttons. Doxy has teamed up with Nexus to produce a range of massage wand accessories that are as unique as the wand itself. Instead of sliding attachments over the wand’s head, you simply unscrew the silicone head and screw on your attachment (sold separately).

When assessing what could be considered amongst the best massage wands in the world, this range would stand above the competition for power, workmanship and ease of use. Yes they are some of the more expensive plug in wands for sale, but if you’re after the best, you expect it will cost more. The other point to note is that these massagers are not the most discreet on the market.

The Guide To Buying Doxy Massagers Australia wide will give you more information about accessories, cleaning and tips for using the world’s most powerful mains powered massage wands for sale across Australia.