Sensual Massage Book


Sensual Massage Book

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Use the step by step guide in this Sensual Massage Book to learn the best techniques to show a loved one that you care.

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Sensual Massage Book: Step By Step Massage Guide

When it comes to massage guides, the art of showing you care through touch is something that everyone can learn!
By reading this sensual book you will discover there is no magical secret and that sensual massage techniques are easy with a little know-how.
Massage is healing and therapeutic in any form, but when practiced in a more sensual form, it can also be physically satisfying and emotionally enlightening.
When it comes to massager accessories that can enhance your home massage experience even more, don’t be shy – this detailed guide will show you the way!
Bringing a heightened awareness of each other’s bodies, sensual touch can also help couples to enjoy a new level of physical and emotional connection.
By taking the time to explore the sensual world of massage you can discover the refreshing, relaxing and arousing sensations that can be evoked.

Features of the Sensual Massage Book include:

  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Includes step by step photos

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Sensual Massage Book


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