Tantus Rumble Body Wand Hand Held Massager


Tantus Rumble Body Wand Hand Held Massager

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The Tantus Rumble Body Wand is one of the lightest rechargeable hand held massagers on the market.
These rechargeable massage wands still pack a punch with 7 power settings and unique ergonomic silicone head and grip.

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Tantus Rumble Body Wand Hand Held Massager Focuses Vibrations On It’s Head Not Your Hands.

With the race to make the strongest, largest, most powerful massage wands money can buy, they can become heavy and vibrate uncomfortably in your hand. Tantus took a step back and decided to develop one of the lightest and smartest hand held massagers instead. The result was a wand that could direct vibrations into it’s large, ergonomically designed, ultra-premium silicone head, not wasting power that shakes your hand, like some other massagers do.

Tantus Rumble Body Wand has a removable head made of Tantus’s own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone which feels luxurious against your skin and makes cleaning a breeze. There’s a power button and then you select one of the 7 power intensity levels by pushing the “+” button. To decrease the vibration intensity, push on the “-” button, it’s really that easy.

Powerful enough to soothe knots in the shoulders, back, and legs of men, women will love the ergonomically designed head.
The large flat surface is great for overall coverage but when you turn the wand on it’s side, women have pin point accuracy over their most intimate area. With the addition of a water based personal lubricant, you’re all set for a great night in!

Features Of Tantus Rumble Body Wand Hand Held Massager Include:

  • Vibration is focused more on the head than your hands
  • Ultra-Premium Silicone Head
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grip
  • 7 Speeds
  • Cordless – USB Rechargeable cord included
  • Head Width: 2.4″ (6cm)
  • Head Height: 1.5″ (4cm)
  • Full Length: 8.5″ (21.5cm)
  • Featherlight: Weight of just 6.6oz (187g) great for the elderly and those with arthritis

To clean hygienically, before and after using massage wands, always use quality anti-bacterial toy cleaners, after washing with warm soapy water, like you can find for sale from Wand Warehouse.
The head is made from premium silicone, so always use water based lubricants, never silicone based personal lubricants that will eat into the silicone of your wand.

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