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Many massagers have a silicone component and most wands come in contact with sensitive areas during their operation.
After all, using massage wands has been the most popular way women have relieved ‘pent up frustration’ solo for years.

The use of water based personal lubricants and massage oils during massage or relaxation time is high, but research shows the use of antibacterial toy cleaners is low.

To keep your massage wands clean and hygienically safe to use all over your body, we highly recommend the following process is followed, not only for health reasons but to keep your wand in top condition for many years.

  1. Before use, spray with your choice of cleaner. We recommend the toy cleaners below for quality & value for money.
  2. If your massage wand has a silicone component, apply a water based lubricant or quality massage oil.
  3. Once your finished, wash the wand with warm, mild soapy water and towel or air dry.
  4. Note: the PlayTray is a great idea, used as a coaster to place your wand on before cleaning.
  5. Wash the head with warm soapy water, careful not to wet any non waterproof areas.
  6. Let air dry on a PlayTray or towel dry.
  7. Spray areas that come in contact with your body parts with one of the purpose toy cleaners you’ll find for sale below.
  8. Wrap in a lint free cloth or bag then store in a dark, cool & dry place like a storage case ready for next time.

The trend has definitely moved away from the very cheap plastic wands in favour of quality massage wands which if looked after will serve your needs faithfully for years to come.