PalmPower Body Massage Wands Australia.

With PalmPower, you will feel the ultimate power right there in the palm of your hand! Thanks to the incredible PowerBullet technology included in every motor, this range of body massage wands have been touted as some of the most powerful body wands available! Decadent enough to be comfortably held in the hand, the silicone massage head is perfectly sized to hit all those sore spots with ease!

Both the plug in and rechargeable versions of this incredibly compact wand feature a handy removable silicone massage head which can be replaced when it is worn out or if you want to change the style of sensation your wand can provide. From standard silicone replacement caps through to contoured heads designed for muscular relaxation, purchasing new silicone massage heads is a great way update your massage experience without the need to purchase a whole new massage wand!